Human Rights

Respecting Universal Rights

We believe respecting human rights is a fundamental aspect of responsible energy development. Wherever we operate, Nexen’s commitment to respecting human rights remains the same. We strive to ensure business decisions are examined for their potential impact on human rights and by taking steps to ensure employees and contractors are never complicit in human rights violations.

Nexen Human Rights Policy Reflects United Nations Guiding Principles

Nexen was one of the first Canadian companies to adopt a Human Rights policy, which includes our commitment to respect internationally recognized human rights and the rights of employees and communities. In 2013 we updated that policy to reflect important changes in the field, especially the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (PDF 0.2MB). The Guiding Principles provide a blueprint for companies to reduce the risk of causing or contributing to harm of human rights.

In addition to our policy update, Nexen is working through IPIECA, the global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues, to develop a coordinated, effective industry response to the United Nations Guiding Principles. Together with IPIECA’s 32 member companies and 14 industry associations, we are enhancing our systems and processes for due diligence and grievance mechanisms, and more clearly communicating our industry’s performance when it comes to respecting human rights.

Managing Human Rights Risk

One of the ways we assess and manage human rights risk is through a process known as Above Ground Reviews (AGRs). These reviews assess a country’s political, security, regulatory and social issues through interviews with government officials, industry operators, journalists, non-governmental organizations and security specialists. In addition to conducting AGRs prior to considering an initial investment in a new location, updates are conducted on a regular basis.

Wherever in the world Nexen operates, we work with communities and organizations to conduct our operations in ways that are safe, environmentally responsible, and which benefit the communities where we work.

Security & Human Rights

Nexen operates in parts of the world where concerns about civil strife, violence, terrorism and human rights abuses are an issue. The safety and security of our employees, our assets and our host communities are fundamentally important. We closely monitor global political and security situations, and we have detailed contingency plans in place in the event of a crisis.

We also insist that anyone employed or contracted to provide security for Nexen respect human rights as recognized under universally accepted international laws and standards. Nexen screens all third-party security providers we hire, and they're trained according to our company’s standards. When we operate in a foreign environment, we integrate local and Canadian standards and clearly communicate our expectations to those who work on our behalf. Regular meetings and ongoing training ensure these expectations are understood and demonstrated.