Bill Somerville (r), Nexen’s Manager, Enterprise Supply Chain Solutions, Oil Sands Project Development & Execution, receives a wild turkey prayer feather from Tyrone Bass (l), President of the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association.

Aboriginal Partnerships: Creating Opportunities

Our Aboriginal Partnerships strategy is one of the key ways we work to create mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal people. We invest in Aboriginal communities and strive to identify and develop opportunities with them to ensure Aboriginal people fully participate in our industry, and share in the economic and social benefits of our energy development.

Examples of Aboriginal Partnerships include:

Long Lake - At our Long Lake, Alberta, oil sands operation, the company has awarded numerous contracts for facility maintenance, drilling, seismic and other projects to Aboriginal contractors.

Horn River Basin - The Fort Nelson First Nation is located near our Horn River Basin, British Columbia, shale gas operations. We continue to develop a strong working relationship by consulting and engaging with the First Nation on the progress and development of the project in an effort to ensure the community has an opportunity to express concerns and share in economic benefits.

The Banff Centre - Nexen is a partner of the Aboriginal Leadership and Management Program at The Banff Centre. The program is designed to provide capacity-building leadership training to First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities. Our contributions assist participants by providing resources to offset the cost of tuition.

Native Student Centre (University of Calgary) - The Native Ambassador Post-Secondary Initiative through the Native Student Centre at the University of Calgary is designed to have students in university or colleges inspire Aboriginal youth to stay in school and pursue post-secondary education. Nexen’s support ensures the program reaches as many students and families in the community as possible.

National Aboriginal Achievement Awards (NAAA) - As a sponsor of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (NAAF), Nexen helps to promote the importance of education and training. Through our participation in NAAF’s career fairs throughout the year we engage with Aboriginal youth and encourage them to consider careers in the oil and gas industry. Nexen is also a major sponsor of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, which is produced by the NAAF. It is a nationally televised event that profiles the achievements of Aboriginal people in a variety of cultural, professional, civic and artistic areas.