As a company with global operations, Nexen is committed to engaging with indigenous communities where we have activities. Meaningful engagement and consultation begins with respecting the rights of indigenous peoples, whose legally recognized lands and traditional territories are within or in close proximity to the areas where we operate.

We engage early and often with communities to build solid relationships based on mutual trust and respect of customs and culture, a shared understanding of issues, transparency, inclusiveness, two-way dialogue, and collaborative problem-solving to achieve mutually satisfactory outcomes.

The intent of our Indigenous Peoples Policy is to guide development of these relationships over the life cycle of our projects. It reinforces Nexen’s commitment to foster opportunities for indigenous people to participate in the economic, environmental and social benefits of Nexen’s energy developments, ensuring these benefits reflect community interests and our commitment to responsible development.

The policy also focuses our work with indigenous communities in four key areas:

  • Engagement and consultation
  • Business development and capacity building
  • Aboriginal/indigenous employment
  • Community investment

It also contributes to our efforts to ensure consistent practices and high standards in engaging Indigenous peoples across our operations, globally.

Nexen’s Guiding Principles

We Value

  • The traditional cultures, land uses, customs, knowledge and integrity of Indigenous people
  • Open and transparent two-way dialogue with Indigenous people
  • Building and sustaining long-term relationships with Indigenous People that span the project life cycle

We Respect

  • The rights and traditional decision-making of Indigenous people
  • The need for honest and fair dialogue with Indigenous peoples regarding both the impacts of Nexen’s operations and our ability to respond to their interests and aspirations
  • The need to build our social license to operate with Indigenous people

We Are Inclusive

  • In consultation and engagement activities to ensure the voices of the Leadership, elders, youth and community members are heard
  • In promoting education, employment, community investment and economic development opportunities for Indigenous people

We Act with Integrity

  • Nexen does what we say we will do