Leading the Way

Nexen was the first upstream oil and gas company to adopt Responsible Care® (RC). RC is a unique, voluntary initiative of the global chemical industry to improve health, safety, environmental performance, enhance security, and to communicate with stakeholders about products and processes.

In 2010, our Canada Gas Operations sector (North American Gas and Tight Oil Division) successfully achieved RC “In-Place” verification status. The verification was conducted by an external team consisting of industry experts, a national community representative and leaders chosen by the communities where we operate.

Through a series of interviews and documentation reviews, the external reviewers verify tangible evidence that our management system processes are effective, while ensuring we meet applicable commitments within the RC codes of practice. Once verified, all Responsible Care® facilities undergo re-verification every three years.

In 2014, Canada Gas Operations were successfully re-verified. The verification confirmed that the new “sustainability” related commitments embedded within the transformed RC codes of practice and new Responsible Care Ethic & Principles for Sustainability are in place. There were no findings requiring action identified during the verification and the Canadian Gas Operations were recognized with seven successful practices.

Download the 2016 Responsible Care Verification Report (PDF 3.3MB).