After a series of incidents occurred on the Buzzard and Scott Platforms in January 2012, both contractors and Nexen took notice that something had to be done to ensure everyone’s safety in these offshore environments. The By Choice Program was developed for the UK in February 2012 with the goal in mind that we needed to change offshore behavior, rectify bad habits, increase communication and encourage everyone to do the right thing.

The By Choice Program was developed with a focus on bringing psychological concepts and principles into the program to encourage participants to change behaviours through personal choices and to be aware of why people make the choices they do. With the first course launched on January 15, 2013 in Aberdeen, the program has now surpassed 2,000 participants.

The program was successfully incorporated into the shutdown of the Buzzard and Scott platforms. Program Coaches were sent to the Scott and Buzzard platforms to understand how the course is perceived and to gage whether the By Choice concepts and principles were being taken on board.

The By Choice program is not just another health and safety initiative. Through the use of program Champions, Nexen is able to keep the momentum going and continues to encourage people to attend the courses so they will become aware of the choices they are facing regarding their beliefs when it comes to health and safety.