Life Saving Rules

All Nexen employees and contractors must follow our Life Saving Rules (PDF 0.8MB). The Life Saving Rules are created from industry lessons to strengthen our safety culture and are intended to supplement and support existing company management systems, policies and programs across Nexen’s business and operations. The Life Saving Rules set the standard for worker and supervisor behaviours in the workplace by raising awareness of activities which are most likely to result in fatalities. They also highlight simple actions individuals must take to protect themselves and others. The rules are:

  • Energy Isolation - Verify energy isolation. Remain out of the line of fire.
  • Drive Safely - Obey the law and avoid distractions while driving.
  • Working at Heights - Protect yourself and others against a fall when working at heights.
  • Confined Space Entry - Obtain authorization before entering a confined space.
  • Safe Lifting Operations - Ensure all lifting operations are planned and executed safely.
  • Conduct Hazard Assessment - Identify and control hazards or STOP WORK.
  • Permit to Work - All work must be completed under an authorized permit to work system. Complete a hot work permit when introducing an ignition source in areas where hydrocarbons may be present.
  • Alcohol & Drug Free - Be fit for work.