Working Safely: A Core Value

Safety is a core value at Nexen and the success of every activity we undertake is measured on our ability to execute our work safely each and every day. Our employees and contractors strive to ensure our oil and gas production occurs without incident or harm to our people, communities and the environment every day. We are committed to improving our performance across the company to become best in class in everything we do.

Best in class companies are ones where safety is embraced by everyone, all the time. We have improvements to make in this area and initiatives are underway to strengthen and improve our safety performance. Our Executive Leadership Team is fully committed to supporting a safe workplace by providing employees and contractors with clear expectations about:

  • safety awareness
  • consistent work practices
  • proactive hazard identification
  • rigorous risk mitigation, especially for non-routine work
  • recognition and support for safety performance
  • ongoing safety training and resources

Safety is just simply a part of the way we work.