Operating Safely

Operational safety is critical to getting the job done right at Nexen. Learn how we’re walking the talk in the Gulf of Mexico.
(Time: 1:51) 

Working Safely: A Core Value

At Nexen, we believe creating a safe working environment is the most important work we do and that’s why, every day, our employees and contractors strive to ensure oil and natural gas production occurs in a safe manner with zero harm to people, communities or the environment. It takes a continual and combined series of integrated activities to be a leading health and safety performer and we work towards that goal through:

  • strong safety awareness
  • consistent work practices
  • proactive hazard identification
  • rigorous risk mitigation, especially for non-routine work
  • recognition and support for safety performance

We’re committed to providing our employees and contractors with clear expectations about safe, on-the-job performance, and to ensure ongoing safety training and resources support are provided everywhere we operate.