We foster a collaborative and supportive culture, and maintain people practices that focus on individual growth.

Attracting & Retaining Top Talent

Nexen is a knowledge-rich company where the talent, commitment and expertise of our employees provide a competitive advantage. That's why we offer challenging, interesting careers with competitive rewards that attract a skilled and engaged workforce.  

Measuring Engagement

One of the tools Nexen has used since 1999 is an engagement survey to help us drive a high-performance culture and improve human resource practices aimed at strengthening individual performance, career opportunities and recognition. In 2013, we changed our engagement survey methodology. We are now looking at employee engagement more holistically measuring not only how engaged employees are but also how energized and enabled they feel at work. Together, these factors drive sustainable engagement which measures improved performance and engagement over the long term. Last year was our baseline-setting year, so survey results from previous years cannot offer a true comparison.

Employee participation in our 2013 engagement survey was at record high of 88%, surpassing external benchmarks norms, and indicating our employees are actively involved in making Nexen an even better place to work. The overall sustainable engagement score was 81% and highlighted strengths including the fact that Nexen employees are willing to go the extra mile for the organization, feel supported by leadership and believe in Nexen’s safety first priority.

Results also showed that we can do better as an organization when it comes to cross-functional collaboration as well as improving processes to drive more efficiency. Significant work is underway within the organization to make improvements in these areas.

Supporting Aboriginal Communities through Employment

Nexen is committed to providing meaningful employment opportunities to Canada’s Aboriginal people. This includes striving to build a workforce more reflective of the Aboriginal population in the communities where we operate, as well as ensuring Aboriginal people are hired at all levels of the organization.

To do this, we utilize targeted recruitment strategies such as Nexen's summer student employment program, as well as participation in campus career fairs and Indspire’s Soaring Career Fairs. Nexen assists Aboriginal communities with building capacity for educational success through an Aboriginal scholarship initiative and funding for various university-based scholarships. Nexen also actively supports educational programs such as Sunchild E-Learning, the Martin Aboriginal Educational Initiative, and the Ch’nook Aboriginal Management Program at the University of British Columbia. At Nexen, we believe it is important to engage with students and celebrate their successes through activities such as graduation ceremonies. The organizations and Aboriginal communities they serve benefit from our involvement, as does Nexen. We not only contribute to strengthening the Aboriginal workforce but also enhance our understanding of diverse Aboriginal cultures across Western Canada.