We foster a collaborative and supportive culture, and maintain people practices that focus on individual growth.

Attracting & Retaining Top Talent

Empowering employees to realize their potential and achieve their goals is central to our success. Every person who joins our company will have access to a world of challenging experiences and assignments.  

Measuring Engagement

One of the tools Nexen has used since 1999 is an engagement survey to help us drive a high-performance culture and improve human resource practices aimed at strengthening individual performance, career opportunities and recognition. Employee participation in our 2015 engagement survey was 79. The overall sustainable engagement score was 79% and highlighted strengths including the fact that employees believe in Nexen’s safety first priority, see managers as valuing their contributions and encouraging collaboration. They also feel encouraged to find innovative solutions to work issues and feel empowered to do their jobs.

Results also showed that we can do better as an organization when it comes to cascading relevant information through the organization as well as improving processes to drive more efficiency. Significant work is underway within the organization to make improvements in these areas.

Supporting Aboriginal Communities through Employment

Nexen is committed to providing meaningful employment opportunities to Canada’s Aboriginal people. This includes striving to build a workforce more reflective of the Aboriginal population in the communities where we operate, as well as ensuring Aboriginal people are hired at all levels of the organization.

Nexen assists Aboriginal communities with building capacity for educational success through an Aboriginal scholarship program, investment in the Banff Centre’s Indigenous Leadership Scholarships and support for the University of Calgary Native Ambassador Post-secondary Initiative. We not only contribute to strengthening the Aboriginal workforce but also enhance our understanding of diverse Aboriginal cultures across Western Canada.