A Game-Changing Resource

Our Dilly Creek shale gas operation is located in northeastern British Columbia, Canada.
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Vast Resource

The combined advancement of horizontal drilling and reservoir stimulation (hydraulic fracturing) technology has enabled the safe and cost-effective recovery of shale gas – a game-changing resource for the world’s energy supply. Shale gas, which is found in abundance throughout many continents, is an affordable, clean-burning fuel.

There are a number of benefits to shale gas production:

  • This vast resource can be developed in stages, which means we can control the pace of development and match production with economic conditions and market demand
  • A reduced surface footprint as multiple wells can be drilled from a single pad
  • Communities realize economic benefits from investment in infrastructure and the hiring of local people

The advancement of new technologies, combined with ongoing research and development, allows this valuable energy source to be developed safely and responsibly.

Responsible Development of Shale Gas

Our focus on operational excellence has built our reputation as a leader in shale gas development. We’re driving down operating costs and increasing efficiency – a critical element of delivering gas to markets given current commodity pricing. Importantly, we’ve made these strides while also maintaining our high standard for safety and the environment.