Nexen's Buzzard facility in the UK North Sea.

A Key Producing Area with Significant Room for Growth

Nexen’s UK operations produced approximately 202,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d) (99,000 boe/d net to Nexen) in 2012.

Our primary assets include operating interests in the Buzzard field and facilities, Ettrick/Blackbird and the Scott platform, which produces energy from the Scott, Telford and Rochelle fields.

Our growth priorities for the UK North Sea include safely advancing Golden Eagle, a £2 billion (C$3.3 billion) investment (£750 million net to Nexen) that is expected to produce an estimated 140 million barrels of oil equivalent (gross) of proved and probable reserves over an 18-year period. Nexen has a 36.54% working interest in Golden Eagle.

Safe Operations

Throughout our history in the UK North Sea, our emphasis has been on safe, responsible operations. We work to eliminate worksite incidents that cause harm to people and the environment through understanding, addressing and reducing potential risks, while improving work systems, processes and training that drive employee and contractor safety and environmental responsibility. We have an extensive program of internal and external audits and inspections and a significant focus on process safety management.

Continuous improvement in environmental performance is sought through effective project planning and implementation, emission and waste reduction, waste management, and energy conservation. From the selection of chemicals we use to the safe disposal of well cuttings, the decreasing and segregating of waste, the fish-friendly protective structures on our manifolds, and our water recycling measures, we’re committed to minimising the environmental impact of our offshore activities.

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