The Gulf of Mexico is a critical component of Nexen's growth strategy.

Significant Sources of Oil & Natural Gas

The Gulf of Mexico is considered one of the world’s most significant oil and natural gas basins. As one of the top leaseholders in the Gulf of Mexico, Nexen Petroleum U.S.A. Inc. is actively partnering on exploring prospects and developing exciting new assets where we believe there is the greatest growth potential.

Nexen has been working in the region since 1972 and today we hold approximately 200 offshore leases.

Producing Assets

In 2013, Nexen’s oil and natural gas facilities in the Gulf of Mexico produced an average of 15,700 boe/d, with the majority of that production being oil. The oil and gas we produce in the Gulf of Mexico is transported via pipeline from the offshore platforms to refineries in Texas and Louisiana. 

Exploration Potential

In 2010, Nexen, along with our joint venture partner Shell Gulf of Mexico Inc., discovered the Appomattox field, located about 72 miles off the coast of Louisiana in approximately 7,000 feet of water. This represents the largest discovery to date in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. This complements our Vicksburg discoveries in 2010 and 2013, which are located close to the Appomattox field. We’re also evaluating possible development alternatives with our project partners on the Stampede field, located about 170 miles southeast of New Orleans. In 2014, Nexen acquired an additional 5% working interest in the Stampede field.

Nexen manages CNOOC Limited working interests in four Statoil-operated offshore oil exploration prospects in the Gulf of Mexico — 10% interests in Krakatoa, Logan and Cobra and 20% in Tucker.