Nexen’s conventional natural gas and CBM production areas in Canada.

Optimizing Value of Our Canadian Resources

Nexen’s Canadian production (excluding the Athabasca oil sands and northeastern British Columbia shale gas) consist of conventional natural gas and coalbed methane (CBM).

Nexen’s strategy is to continue optimizing value from our conventional and CBM producing assets in Canada. As part of this effort, we’re identifying more effective ways to manage our day-to-day business to ensure secure, reliable production without sacrificing our high standards for safety and environmental responsibility.

Our Business

Natural Gas
Nexen’s southern Alberta and Saskatchewan resource play has been operating for more than 50 years. We are focused primarily on sweet dry gas wells in the Medicine Hat, Milk River and Second Whitespecks formations.

An appraisal and development plan is currently underway for the Crossfield Viking Project, a liquids rich sweet gas project northeast of Calgary. Three horizontal wells have been drilled to date with the data collected during drilling, completions, testing and production phases being used to evaluate and optimize future well design and development plans. View the Crossfield Viking Project drilling locations (PDF 2.0MB).

Coalbed Methane
Approximately 41% of our current Canadian natural gas is produced from our Mannville CBM developments at Corbett, Doris and Thunder in the Fort Assiniboine area of central Alberta. In addition, we have CBM operations in the Wetaskiwin area with 50 wells producing sweet dry gas from the Horseshoe Canyon CBM formation.