A Nexen employee consults with a community member.

Committed to Being a Good Neighbour

As part of Nexen’s business strategy, we look beyond pure economics and address the safety, environmental and social impacts of our business decisions. We want to make sure our company delivers as many benefits as possible to your community. That’s why Nexen works hard at being a good neighbour.

We’re committed to working with you in a responsible, respectful manner. We value open, honest and transparent relationships with the communities where we operate. Whatever the topic – from questions about reclamation to concerns about truck traffic – we want to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or feedback.

Public Consultation

Discussions with stakeholders – including regulators, adjacent landowners and the community – are fundamental to the successful execution of decommissioning, demolition, reclamation and remediation of the Balzac gas plant and well sites. Some of the topics that will be discussed, such as environmental remediation, are required by regulation while others are voluntary and consistent with Nexen’s commitment to Responsible Care®.

Nexen strives to continually improve communication with local stakeholders in and around our project areas. Your feedback is important to us in determining how we can better improve our communication with your community.