For more information about the Balzac gas plant or Nexen’s existing activities in this community, please contact us:

Balzac Gas Plant Abandonment & Reclamation

Greg Denham, Manager - Abandonment & Reclamation Ops Canada Gas
(403) 699-5068 |

Health, Safety, Environment & Social Responsibility

Todd Jorgensen-Nelson, Senior Coordinator
(403) 699-6978 |

David Edwards, HS&ER Advisor
(403) 699-6903 |

Balzac Power Station

Mike Metz, Sr. Manager
(403) 226-7573 |

Dan Kelly, Superintendent
(403) 226-7592 |

Surface Land

For approval to cross or create a ground disturbance, e.g., fencing, within 30 metres of a Nexen-operated facility, or to use a Nexen access road |

General Inquiries
You will receive a response within three business days