Our Integrity Guide for Suppliers establishes the expectations for our key stakeholders working within Nexen's supply chain. The documents referred to within are available below.

Name File
How We Work: Our Integrity Guide For Suppliers (PDF 1.0MB)
Canadian Rules of Work Procedural Aid (PDF 0.5MB)
Alcohol and Drug (PDF 0.3MB)
Canada Alcohol & Drug Location Requirements (PDF 0.2MB)
UK Alcohol & Drug Location Requirements (PDF 0.1MBĀ )
Competition and Anti-Trust (PDF 0.4MB)
Confidential Information (PDF 0.3MB)
Conflicts of Interest (PDF 0.3MB)
Driving Distraction (PDF 0.3MB)
Endorsements (PDF 0.3MB)
Gifts and Entertainment (PDF 0.3MB)
Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statements (PDF 0.1MB)
Human Rights (PDF 0.1MB)
Prevention of Improper Payments (PDF 0.3MB)
Privacy of Personal Information (PDF 0.3MB)
Respectful Workplace (PDF 0.3MB)