In June 2013, our legal entity name changed from Nexen Inc. to Nexen Energy ULC. We are in the process of amending our corporate policies. To the extent these policies reference Nexen Inc., they should be construed to refer to Nexen Energy ULC, as well as to the majority owned subsidiaries and business entities for which Nexen has managerial responsibility.

# Name File
(HR249) Alcohol and Drug (PDF 0.2MB)
(A161) Confidential Information (PDF 0.2MB)
(A151) Conflict of Interest (PDF 0.1MB)
(A174) Driving Distraction (PDF 0.1MB)
(A172) Endorsements (PDF 0.1MB)
(A108) Gifts and Entertainment (PDF 0.2MB)
(A136) Health, Safety, Environment, and Social Responsibility (PDF 0.1MB)
(A105) Human Rights (PDF 0.2MB)
(A153) Prevention of Improper Payments (PDF 0.3MB)
(A106) Privacy of Personal Information (PDF 0.1MB)
(HR257) Respectful Workplace (PDF 0.3MB)

Supplier Guide

# Name File
(A098)  How We Work: Our Integrity Guide For Suppliers  (PDF 1.0MB)

Rules of Work

Date Name File
Technical & Operational Services - General (EXCLUDING Dilly Creek) (PDF 3.2MB)
Technical & Operational Services - Dilly Creek ONLY (PDF 2.0MB)
Long Lake (Important: The HSE&SR Requirements which form a part of the Long Lake Rules of Work are listed under the heading HSE&SR below) (PDF 10.6MB)
Oil Sands Alcohol & Drug Work Standard (PDF 0.6MB)

Health, Safety, Environment & Social Responsibility ("HSE&SR")

Date Name File
MAR 2011 Nexen Canadian Oil and Gas HSE&SR Requirements (PDF 1.4MB)
JAN 2012 Nexen Oil Sands Contractor HSE Manual (PDF 0.8MB)
APR 2012 Nexen Oil Sands HSE Practices Manual (PDF 4.9MB)