The procurement of goods and services within Nexen Petroleum U.K. Ltd is managed by the Supply Chain Services department. This department is based in Aberdeen. If you would like to do business with us, please read the information below.

Our Commitment

We are committed to an open and transparent bidding process for all procurement related to our UK operations. Our processes are based on our corporate management system which complies with all European Legislative requirements and addresses the UK's Supply Chain Code of Practice principles.

Vendor List

To generate vendor lists, we use the First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL) database, supplemented by other information where appropriate. This independent single source supplier database results in increased efficiency since we do not have to continually select, vet and audit suppliers or maintain internal approved supplier listings.

Vendor Selection

If you are interested in doing business with Nexen, please ensure you are registered with FPAL with a capability profile in place and ideally performance feedback scores from other operators.

To enquire about opportunities or the status of upcoming ITT's please email the Supply Chain Services group at

Infrastructure Code of Practice (ICOP) Infrastructure Access

ICOP is the agreed processes and behaviours for accessing infrastructure such as pipelines or onshore terminals on the UK Continental Shelf. As part of this Code of Practice, there is a description of each of our UK operated assets below. If you need further information about ICOP, email

Name File
Buzzard (2018) (PDF 0.3MB)
Golden Eagle (2018) (PDF 0.3MB)
Scott - Ullage Profiles (2018) (PDF 0.3MB)
Scott - Completed Transactions (2018) (PDF 0.1MB)