Bright Future

The 2018 and 2019 Yemen Scholarship Graduates share their experiences about the program and how it has affected their lives.

Support for Education in Yemen

One of the ways we've worked to establish and nurture our relationship with the people of Yemen is through the Nexen Yemen Scholarship Program. This pioneering program brings young Yemenis to Calgary to pursue four-year post-secondary degrees, enabling them to access promising careers. Each scholarship underwrites tuition, books, accommodation, a monthly living allowance and annual travel to Yemen

Since 2003, 111 students have graduated from Nexen’s Yemen Scholarship Program with bachelors' degrees in fields including engineering, computer science, business and information technology.

We plan to sponsor our current students through to completion of their degree programs. However, with the conclusion of operations in Masila, we are no longer accepting applications for this program. 

Program Impact

Several graduates have found work in Calgary as engineers, systems analysts and communications specialists. Others have chosen to advance their education in Canada and some have returned to Yemen.