Piece by Piece

Nexen's Calgary office kicks off the 2013 United Way campaign by building a giant puzzle symbolizing how each of us plays a role in building a stronger community.
(Time: 2:15)

Maximizing Employee Contributions

Nexen supports employee contributions to charitable and not-for-profit organizations that meet our corporate matching gift guidelines up to a maximum of $20,000 per individual, in any one calendar year.

In 2012, employees in Canada, the U.S. and UK had $1.7 million in charitable contributions matched by Nexen dollar-for-dollar.

Nexen holds annual United Way campaigns in our offices and operations in Calgary, Fort McMurray and Houston. In Calgary we broke our United Way fundraising record in 2012, raising $1.5 million for United Way Calgary and area, compared with our 2011 total of $1.48 million.

Nexen is very proud to support the causes and initiatives that our employees feel connected to.