Our Community Investment Operating Principles

These principles help us ensure our community contributions continue to reflect our corporate culture and values and are delivered consistently to benefit our stakeholders:

  • Transparency: Information about our community investment program is readily accessible to Nexen’s stakeholders. Our community investment initiatives are consistent with our funding criteria and with our community investment operating principles.
  • Alignment with Nexen values, corporate culture and business objectives: Our contributions reflect our values, our corporate culture, and the business objectives we have implemented for our community investment program.
  • Alignment with community investment criteria: All contributions will uphold our community investment criteria, which include recognition of the unique environments of operating countries and project areas.
  • Respect for host communities and countries: We strive to recognize the different priorities and needs of the communities in which we live and operate. We will treat grant applicants, grant recipients, and the non-profit and charitable sector with respect at all times. This includes ensuring open communication with all funded organizations and seeking their feedback as appropriate for the ongoing improvement of our community investment program.
  • Efficient and effective management: We will manage our community investment program in an efficient, effective and ethical manner. We will ensure that all requests for contributions receive fair consideration and that all applicants are informed of their application status in a timely and respectful manner.
  • Measuring community accountability: We will measure and manage the effectiveness of our programs, especially with regard to our large, multi-year commitments, evaluating their impact on the community and their value to our company.
  • Engaging and supporting our employees: We believe in supporting the philanthropic efforts and volunteer activities of our employees through our ReachOut program.
  • Alignment with LBG Canada principles: Nexen is a member of the London Benchmarking Group Canada(LBG Canada). LBG Canada is a community of companies working towards a higher standard in the management, valuation and performance measurement of community investment. Consistent with LBG Canada principles, Nexen’s corporate contributions may be in the form of cash donations, volunteer time during working hours, gifts in-kind and may include the value of general and administrative costs.