Nexen’s support for the Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) has a 20 year history. Our current commitment helped support the redesign of their emergency medical services helicopter, including upgrading with cutting edge medical equipment, increased room to simultaneously hold two critical patients and the ability to support pediatric patients.

Nexen's Giving program directs its funding to the following focus area: 

  • Supporting Communities
  • Inspiring Education & Innovation
  • Investing in Arts & Culture
  • Environmental Care

Nexen invested $8.5 million through our ReachOut Giving program in 2015.

Supporting Communities
In each country where we operate, we focus on supporting initiatives that build inclusive, safe and thriving communities. We support initiatives that provide access to resources and opportunities that empower individuals and families who need a step up. We also direct funding to agencies that provide respite and care for individuals in crisis and assist our communities in relief and recovery when disaster strikes.

Inspiring Education & Innovation
By funding education programs, scholarships and research, Nexen is helping to enrich educational experiences, provide opportunities to advance educational attainment, and fund innovative research that will impact future generations. Whether we fund programs to enhance the education of children with developmental disabilities, support post-secondary scholarships or provide bursaries to individuals pursuing learning opportunities to enhance their earning potential and quality of life, Nexen’s goal is to inspire the pursuit of education.

Investing in Arts & Culture
Nexen believes arts and culture are a vital part of the fabric of our communities, recognizing their potential to elevate and enrich people’s lives. Nexen is proud to sponsor arts organizations that contribute to the vibrancy of our communities – through music, theatre and dance – ranging from the traditional to the avant–garde.

Environmental Care
As global demand for hydrocarbons continues to increase, our commitment is to develop the energy consumers need in a responsible manner. To do this, we focus on strengthening our operational performance – increasing oil and gas production while also working to reduce our impacts to air, water and land. We also focus our community investments on projects that support environmental stewardship, conserving and remediating natural habitats, and the protection and conservation of wildlife. Care, conservation and stewardship of the environment will continue to be a cornerstone of Nexen’s corporate giving strategy.