The Usan FPSO vessel has a storage capacity of up to two million barrels of oil.

Usan and Beyond

A wholly owned subsidiary of CNOOC Limited, Nexen Petroleum Nigeria Limited has a 20% working interest in Usan and is developing the oil field along with Esso E&P Nigeria (Offshore East) Limited (operator), Total E&P Nigeria Limited and Chevron Petroleum Nigeria Limited. Nexen is working to identify additional development opportunities through exploration and appraisal drilling.

Safety & Environmental Stewardship

Our operations are designed to comply with all Nigerian environmental regulations as well as the stringent operating and safety standards of Nexen and our co-venturers. Before work began on Usan, full environmental baseline surveys and impact studies, environmental management and oil spill contingency plans and a biodiversity survey were completed.

Safety measures include malaria awareness initiatives, training for all employees and contractors and an ongoing “Usan Safety Together” program aimed at eliminating incidents and injuries.

Wherever we operate, Nexen’s commitment to safety, security and integrity remains the same. We set clear expectations for our employees around topics such as human rights, ethical business practices and transparent stakeholder engagement.