Nexen's shale gas assets.

Nexen Shale Gas Interests

We recognized the potential of shale gas early and in 2006, began acquiring large blocks of high-quality acreage in the Horn River Basin – one of the most prospective gas fields in North America – located in northeast British Columbia. In 2010, we purchased more land in the nearby Cordova and Liard basins, bringing our total land position to approximately 300,000 acres. Nexen also manages CNOOC Limited's 33% working interest in two major U.S. shale projects in Colorado, Wyoming and Texas.

Northeastern British Columbia, Canada
We are currently producing shale gas from our Dilly Creek facility, which began production in April 2007.

Colorado, Wyoming and Texas, U.S.
Nexen manages working interests in two major U.S. shale projects operated primarily by Chesapeake Energy: Eagle Ford (~27% working interest and ~150,000 net acres in South Texas) and Niobrara (~12% working interest and ~120,000 net acres in Colorado and Wyoming). The shale assets are primarily shale oil with some shale gas. Shale oil is unconventional oil produced from oil shale and the process used to generate the oil is similar to that used to produce shale gas.

Exploration Opportunity

We have approximately 1.5 million acres of prospective shale gas lands located near Bogota – Colombia’s largest gas market. While initial geological surveying illustrates shale gas potential, long term investment decisions will depend on exploration results. Nexen has been operating in Colombia since 1995. Learn more about our shale gas operations in Colombia.