Students Making a Difference

Nexen hires and compensates students while a not-for-profit agency puts them to work.
(Time: 3:07)

Great Opportunity to Gain Experience

Nexen's summer employment program in Canada provides students with four months paid work experience. While students gain an understanding of Nexen as a global energy leader, the company benefits from work undertaken by students who perform a variety of tasks and small projects, contributing to the achievement of our business goals.

We encourage students from various post-secondary disciplines to apply (e.g. Business, Law, Computer Science, Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, etc.). We do our best to match our students with work experience corresponding to their area of study.

We also offer opportunities for students in disciplines not related to oil and gas through work in community service. We assign some of our summer students to Calgary-based not-for-profit organizations. We hire the students and pay their salaries while a non-profit agency puts them to work. This is just another way Nexen contributes to our communities.

Applications will be open in January 2017.