Your interview is as important to us as it is to you. Here are valuable interview concepts and tips to help you succeed in our interviews.

Looking for the Best "Fit"

Our goal is to identify the candidate that best "fits" the available position. While your education and qualifications are very important, your overall “fit” is most important. “Fit” is when a candidate has a blend of skills, knowledge, abilities, behaviours and values essential for the role. At Nexen, we use Behaviour Descriptive Interviewing methods, which allow interviewers to receive information more thoroughly, fairly and accurately. During the interview, you are empowered to ask questions, gather information and also determine if Nexen is a good “fit” for you.

Preparing for the Interview

Once you have an interview scheduled, please come prepared so we can get the most out of our scheduled time together.

Know Nexen

  • Research, identify and understand our operations, values, and what core competencies we look for in employees
  • Review our latest annual report, news releases and articles

Know the position you are applying for

  • Understand the job description and the skills necessary to perform the position successfully

Know yourself

  • Know your skills and competencies
  • Be able to draw on past experiences from work, school, extra-curricular activities
  • Be prepared to discuss the situation, actions taken and results

After the Interview

When the interview is complete, our interviewer(s) will let you know the expected timelines for completion of the recruitment cycle. If you are selected for the position, we will notify you. If an alternate candidate is selected, we will provide you with valuable feedback.