October 9, 2015

Demonstrating that we are a safe, socially and environmentally responsible operator will be critical to the success of our proposed Aurora LNG project. Nexen has developed a reputation as a neighbour of choice throughout our operations. One of the best examples of how we can successfully manage projects through a complete life cycle is the Balzac Gas Plant, located in Calgary’s back yard.

In our new Aurora LNG video, featuring excerpts from our “Cradle to Grave” Balzac Gas Plant video produced in spring 2015, Andrew Hamilton, Site Development Manager, LNG introduces viewers to the community of Prince Rupert, BC. As the closest large urban centre to the project, we look forward to becoming an active member of this vibrant community.

Andrew discusses the project’s objectives and site investigation priorities, including retaining critical aspects of the site, and the importance of environmental and social considerations in project design.

“Aurora LNG wants to be the project of choice on the west coast,” says Andrew. We’re taking a look at projects that we’ve managed through their entire life cycle, and trying to build some of those environmental and social learnings into this project at the start.”

Learn more about Aurora LNG (run time 3:42).