February 13, 2012

Two small towns in Colombia are benefitting from Nexen funds to assist a local milk cooperative. Cooagroguavio (or agricultural cooperative), is a vital part of the economic and social fabric in the two communities of Concepción and Juiquin, located near the capital city of Bogota and our shale gas development. Established in 2006 with support from a Dutch NGO, the building where milk gets delivered and stored also serves as a meeting and training place for dairy farmers and local residents. Every day, 1,200 litres of milk gets delivered to the site, which exceeds the current cooling and storage capacity. Nexen’s contribution to the cooperative will ensure that there is adequate storage for 2,000 litres more.

In addition to a new cooling and storage tank which will double capacity, the cooperative will also be building a new lab. As well, renovations to the walls, floor and ceiling will substantially improve the sanitary conditions of the milk storage and in the building. In all, nearly USD$30,000 will go towards improvements to the facility.

Equally important to the economic impact of the cooperative is the vibrant social element that sees dairy farmers from the Concepción and Juiquin countryside gathering in the building. Funds for the renovation are also being directed to improve the facilities to make them a more comfortable and enjoyable place to congregate.

“We are proud to support the local communities near our shale gas operations in Colombia,” says Dave Parry, In Country Manager, Colombia. “The Cooagroguavio project illustrates how a regional economy based on milk production can coexist and flourish side by side with an energy company dedicated to giving back to people and places.”