December 12, 2011

Representatives from Enterprise Supply Chain Solutions (ESCS) are continually engaging with Nexen suppliers individually as well as through information sessions held at the site level across our operations. But now ECSC is trying something different having hosted two group meetings at the Calgary office.

About 60 suppliers attended the sessions which provided a broad range of information including an overview of our 2012 business outlook, some key policy changes impacting suppliers as well as some discussion about our local-first approach.

“It’s important for us to reinforce with our suppliers our obligation to the communities where we work,” says Warren Zarazun, Director, ESCS. “ESCS plays a crucial role in encouraging the use of local content and ensuring suppliers can meet our standards in terms of safety, quality, technical expertise and are competitive in pricing. To assist with this process, we partner with local contractors and suppliers to increase their ability to compete for opportunities to support our operations and project requirements.”

The sessions were also used to review Nexen’s recently launched “How We Work: Integrity Guide for Suppliers." This document sets out expectations for our suppliers with respect to working with integrity by reinforcing adherence to Nexen’s values and policies.

“In rolling-out this code of conduct, our intention is to meet with suppliers and engage them in meaningful dialogue about our expectations. Participating in these Calgary sessions helped us achieve that objective,” says Shawna McEwen, Integrity Analyst, who was instrumental in coordinating the breakfast meetings. “We had some fun exploring ethical dilemmas specific to the supply chain which generated good questions and was a great way to reinforce Nexen’s commitment to operating with integrity.”

ESCS will get more feedback from a survey which will be sent to all attendees, but early reviews indicate the sessions were well received.

“I really appreciated the information that was shared,” says Owen Stephenson, Reservoir Imaging Ltd., whose company has provided services to our shale gas and oil sands operations in the past. “I especially appreciated hearing the project plans for 2012 as well as some of the policy information that we need to be in alignment with as a Nexen supplier.”

Warren adds, “We’re very pleased with the success of these sessions which mark a first for us in Calgary. We were able to communicate directly with our suppliers about how important they are to our business while giving them an opportunity to tell us how we can continue to improve the way we engage with them as business partners.”