At Nexen, it's not just what we do that matters — it's how we get the job done. As an upstream oil and gas company and subsidiary of CNOOC Limited, the work we do is focused on responsibly developing energy resources in some of the world's most significant basins. From our earliest days in Western Canada, to operations which span the globe today — how we work has always contributed to our business success.

Our Code of Conduct

How We Work: Our Integrity Guide, Nexen’s code of conduct includes:

  • Practical advice on ethical and legal decision-making;
  • Q&A’s, examples and stories of how we live our values;
  • Support tools that help ensure our actions are consistent with our commitments.

Download (PDF 2.5MB)

Our Integrity Guide for Suppliers

How We Work: Our Integrity Guide for Suppliers, sets Nexen’s expectations for how we do business within the supply community:

  • Reinforces our values
  • Clarifies Standards
  • Stresses the importance of legal and regulatory compliance

Download (PDF 1.0MB) | view online